"Yesterday, Otaakosihk" by Rita Holmgren Anderson

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It all began in a little Northern Saskatchewan Town...

My hometown village of Camsell Portage wasn't much to brag about—no roads, no cars, no airport, no fast food restaurants or movie theatre. All we had was a cozy home with no power but with family and friends and nothing but time to spend with each other. But it was my best-ever hometown village.

And so the story of a young Metis girl living in a remote Northern Saskatchewan Cree community begins. With a Swedish father and a Cree mother, Rita Gloria Holmgren began life with fascination.

Growing up she learned her Cree culture. At a young age she realized there are two roads in life. One road wide and well-traveled and the other, a narrow path and not many travelers.

Life was not easy for Rita and her family. There were many obstacles and many things to distract her. Many times it was the people she looked up to who caused her to doubt and fear but she carried on.

Rita has come a long way since those early days in Camsell Portage and rough teenage years in the mining town of Uranium City. As she looks back on her life now, she can see how Creator God's Son Jesus has His hand on her, directing her every step. His Spirit used people to guide her in choices she made and continues to make.

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