Sanctification : The Christian's Pursuit of God-Given Holiness by Michael Riccardi

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Christians cannot afford to be confused about the doctrine of sanctification. That is because it is where we all live. All believers in Christ live in between the time of our past justification and our future glorification-in the present pursuit of Christlikeness. If we are concerned to conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel (Phil 1:27), if we desire to please the Lord in all respects (Col 1:10), if it is our ambition to put the sanctifying power of Christ on display to the world, then we need to be clear on how we go about growing in holiness. In this concise yet compelling book, Michael Riccardi helps believers navigate the question of how the Christian is to pursue God-given holiness. Focusing on key implications from the text of Scripture, Riccardi shows how all of our efforts in sanctification must be shaped and driven by the glory of Jesus.

"With an unwavering devotion to the text of Scripture, as well as drawing from the rich theological heritage of the brightest lights in church history, Riccardi captures the biblical dynamic of sanctification....This book is so needed. I eagerly commend it to you and to every Christian reader." - John MacArthur

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