"180: Changing Hearts and Minds about Life's Hot-button Issues" by Ray Comfort

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It seems that no two human beings can agree about anything, and yet the irony is that we all think that we are right about whatever we believe. But occasionally something comes along that makes us do a 180. We have a change of mind. This is healthy, because it shows that we are free from bigotry (a bigot is a person "who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices").

This book will give you interesting information which may give you another perspective on hot topics such as:

  • Abortion: How to change minds, in seconds.
  • Homosexuality: How to address the issue, without offense.
  • Atheism: How to change the mind of an atheist, with one question.
  • God: How to know that God exists, without exercising faith.
  • Everlasting life: How to know what happens after death.
  • The Bible: Evidence that it stands up to scientific scrutiny.

159 page book

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