"2015 Circle Summit (Giwto'qu'sit Wiwoniw)" by Arrowhead Native Bible Center (DVD)

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At Arrowhead Native Bible center it is our desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ clearly and fully proclaimed among the First Nations people of Atlantic Canada. In the book of Matthew, the Great Commission was given to the local church; as Christians, we have a burning desire to see the gospel communicated and to see people come to repentance and faith in the God of all creation. There are so many things that can complicate the effective communication of God's Truth, that it is not only worth our while, but an exercise in obedience to examine just how we can ensure that when we proclaim the gospel- that it is being understood clearly. 

It is our hope that this Circle Summit will give us an opportunity to examine just what is involved in obeying that Great Commission in a cross-cultural setting, and doing so in a way that is as glorifying to God as it is effective.