"A Southern Belle Goes North" by Virgie Mueller

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In 1962, Virgie Mueller left the comfort of her home, friends and family in Oklahoma, and boarded a train to join her husband Russell over 2,00 miles to the north, in the remote village of Paint Hills(Wemindji) Quebec, Canada. This would be the beginning of a 52-year adventure as she and Russell, lived, minister, and raised their children in a number of First Nations' communities across Canada. In a factual, yet personal way, Virgie tells her inspiring story, of how through the tears and the joy, God directed their steps and was very faithful. Virgie now lives in Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada with her husband Russell. They have 3 children and 8 grandchildren, who are all walking in the Lord, and at the time this book was printed, 3 great-grandchildren.

309 pages