"Amazing Grace: Stories of Victory" by Ray Kennedy

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The purpose of this book is to give comfort to those who have given up on life, and encouragement to those who have been mistreated, like those in the residential schools and of the Japanese Canadian Internment camps in Canada. It also discusses how African American, South Koreans and Scottish were victimized and wronged and used their experiences to rise victorious. 

It deals with the age old question; "Why does God allow suffering and sickness?" and gives a scriptural answer to this question.

The book reveals how God turns troubles and trials into blessings because of His amazing grace. 

It is written with the goal of inspiring people to forgive others, as God has first forgiven them. They are encouraged to not only to turn their trials and hurts into an inspiration for others, but more importantly, to build towards God's kingdom in heaven.

197 pages