"And When You Pray: The Deeper Meaning of the Lord's Prayer" by Ray Pritchard

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Most of us have known the Lord's Prayer since childhood -- many of us having committed it to memory. But have we taken to heart the significance and the breadth of its phrases. Two thousand years after these words fell from the lips of our Lord and master, everything we need to pray about is still found in this prayer. If it is not found there, then we probably don't need to be praying about it. Ray Pritchard takes a fresh look at the deeper meaning of the Lord's Prayer -- the only prayer Jesus ever taught his disciples to pray. For Two Thousand Years every branch of the Christian church has considered the Lord's Prayer as one of the three foundational documents. If you go back through church history five hundred, one thousand, or even fifteen hundred years, you discover that the Lord's Prayer is mentioned in every catechism of the Christian church. That's a crucial fact...Think of it as belief, action, and prayer. It's all right there. As you go back into church history and look at all branches of the Christian church -- Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant -- wherever you find a catechism, you will always find...the Lord's Prayer." Pastor Ray Pritchard takes a fresh look at the prayer he calls "an invitation to the heart of God." The Lord's Prayer, as taught to his disciples by Jesus, stands as the central prayer of the Christian faith. Unfortunately, most believers have committed the Lord's Prayer to memory but have never examined it closely for themselves. It has either been taken for granted as a part of church liturgy or ignored completely. But the truth of the Lord's Prayer is that everything we need to pray about is contained in those brief five verses in Matthew chapter 6.

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