"Exodus: God's Plan, God's People" by Woodrow Kroll

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No matter how bad it looks—God has a plan. After 430 years of slavery, things couldn’t get much worse for the Hebrew people. After being chased from Egypt and rejected by his own people, things couldn’t get much worse for Moses. 

And standing on the shore of the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army right behind, things couldn’t get much worse for God’s people.

But it’s when things are at their worst that we as believers have the cause for greatest hope. In Exodus: God’s Plan, God’s People, we’ll see how God came through for His chosen people and how He can come through for us today. We’ll learn that only in the presence of God can we fully experience His provision, protection, and power. Let these fifteen lessons encourage you always to hope and trust in God’s perfect plan.

118 pages