"Genesis: a God of Purpose, a People of Promise" by Woodrow Kroll

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God doesn’t make things up as He goes!

“In the beginning, God…” Those four words are among the most important ever written. They speak of purpose and show us the Person who holds the world in His hands. The Book of Genesis, the beginning of the Bible, tells us the beginning of God’s plan for you and me.

Through this study of Genesis, you’ll see God’s incredible sovereignty at work in the lives of men and women, people just like you and me, from the first breath given to Adam to the last breath taken by Joseph. These 16 lessons will show you God’s plan set in motion and help you learn your part in fulfilling God’s purpose. Each lesson contains a passage from Genesis for you to read along with challenging questions and thought-provoking insights. Join us as we discover a God of purpose and a people of promise!

128 pages