"God and the First Nations" by Bill Jackson

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Here we are in North America. How did we get here? Where did we come from? What brought us here?

As to how we got to North America — there are a number of explanations given — some of them are:

• God created the North American peoples separate from the creation of Genesis 1:26-27. So, the First Nations were always here, and did not originate elsewhere.

• The continents came apart soem time after the flood, Genesis 10:25. So we that were on this side of a complete continent, drifted away from the rest when the big split came.

• Then there is the Alaska-Siberia land connection, or crossing of the Bering Strait. The movement of people in Asia finally found this route to North America.

In considering the number of peoples and languages in North and South America, it would be easier for me to believe in continents separating and drifting apart. However, there is very little, if any support for this, either from Scripture or secular history. Sometimes Genesis 10:25 is said to have referred to the continents drifting apart.

It is possible that the northern route of Siberia-Alaska and on down is the way our ancestors arrived here. Stories and legends passed on down by word of mouth abound. "Theories of arrival" have always been quite interesting to young and old alike.

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