"Hells Best Kept Secret" by Ray Comfort

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Ray Comfort, a native New Zealander, began his ministry with a burden for his lost friends. After attending the funeral of a fifth friend who had died from a drug overdose, Ray published an eight-page pamphlet called My Friends Are Dying. This pamphlet gained substantial publicity and was later expanded to a paperback book. As a result, Ray received many opportunities to speak to youth about the ultimate answer to the drug problem?Jesus Christ.Ray then began to pray for an opportunity to share his faith publicly. He soon learned that his hometown of Christchurch had recently legalized public speaking in the local square. Ray began preaching the gospel outdoors, and this became the daily focus of his ministry over the next twelve years.Ray shares his experiences and expertise in the many books he has written on witnessing and street preaching. His ministry has also included pastoring a church, hosting a Christian radio program, and writing a newspaper column called Words of Comfort.Presently, from his base with Hosanna Chapel in Bellflower, California, Ray travels presenting "Radical Evangelism" Seminars to churches and outreach ministries. In addition, his street preaching often takes him to the famed MacArthur Park in downtown Los Angeles, where he also provides food for the hungry and ministers to the poor. Ray and his wife Sue live with their three children in Southern California.

206 pages
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