"Holiness by Grace" by Bryan Chapell

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"'Be Holy, because I am holy' -1 Peter 1:16. How can God expect us to be as holy as He is? Isn't it unrealistic, given that He is infinitely pure and we are clearly imperfect? Such a standard seems either to ignore our frailty or to impose certain failure-until we understand how God views us. Then we are reminded that, thanks to what Christ accomplished on our behalf, our perfection is not the requirement for entering his kingdom. Yet that very grace still calls us to live righteously-for the sake of our well-being, yes, but most of all, because it glorifies God. In this challenging yet heartwarming work, Bryan Chapell illustrates the principles of grace, the practices of faith, and the motives of love in living a life of holiness. You will journey through reassuring Scripture passages that show good works and obedience to be, not a means of establishing or maintaining salvation, but a grateful response to God's mercy. And in Bryan Chapell's encouraging words-drawn straight from the heart of God-you will understand that your holiness is not so much a matter of what you achieve as it is the grace that God provides. A grace so rich as to make the pursuit of his holiness your soul's deepest delight"--Publisher description.

286 pages