"Indigenous Faith: Living a Biblically Healthy Life in the Context of Indigenous Culture..." by Craig Stephen Smith

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How does an indigenous person define the boundary lines in which to live out their faith in Christ in the context of an animistic culture? What are those boundary lines, and who or what should define them for an indigenous Christian? Should each culture be interpreting Scripture through their own cultural prism, or are the Scriptures alone authoritative and sufficient to speak to every human culture with transcendent truth?

There is a growing movement in modern evangelicalism that is bringing confusion to the worldwide indigenous church that seeks to incorporate the sacred objects and cultural forms of that culture. The need exists to bring clarity to the confusion and truth to the table to help preserve the integrity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Craig Stephen Smith seeks to answer these questions from God's Word in his book, Indigenous Faith.

Craig is an enrolled member and tribal elder in the White Earth Band of Ojibwe Indians. He is an author, speaker, and gospel singer who, for over four decades, has brought the hope of the gospel of Jesus Christ to people across North America and in over a dozen countries worldwide.

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