"Joel, Obadiah and Micah (Everyman's Bible Commentary)" by Thomas J. Finley

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'If the success of a man is measured by the impact he has on later generations, then all of the prophets were highly successful . . . They still speak as God's mouthpieces to all people everywhere.'Joel, Obadiah, and Micah preached to plugged ears and hearts of stone. Their message, however, was clear:God's judgment is real. Studied extensively throughout the New Testament period until the present day, these books remain relevant to readers. Joel - centered around the theme of 'the day of the Lord,' shows how we can cling to God's promise of deliverance when the powers of this world are judged.Obadiah - delivers a revelation against wicked Edom and against all those who oppose the purposes of God.Micah - whose ministry occurred during the reigns of Judean kings Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, encourages repentance by threats of God's judgment.Thomas J. Finley examines the short but important texts of these prophets in this thorough, verse-by-verse exploration. This volume contains each book's historical setting, literary characteristics, a profile of the prophet, and the message for today.

203 pages