Loving God with All Your Mind Interactive Workbook

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An exciting new resource for use with Elizabeth George’s best-selling book Loving God with All Your Mind (more than 250,000 copies sold)―this interactive workbook is designed for use with the dynamic DVD presentation!The more a Christian woman loves and knows God, the more she will experience hope, confidence, and peace. As women study alongside Elizabeth George using the Loving God with All Your Mind DVD, they will discover the Bible has much to say that will help them…grow toward God’s purpose for their lifetrust God at all times no matter whatplace their anxieties in His handslive one day at a timefind peace in every circumstanceIncludes six sessions that will equip women to turn scriptural principles into practical applications. It all starts by changing the way they think. As their thought patterns change, their lives will change.

Harvest House
112 Pages