"L'sitkuk: The Story of the Bear River Mi'kmaw Community" by Darlene A. Rocker

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L'sitkuk is the original name for the Bear River Mi'kmaw community, which is part of the Mi'kmaw First Nation. Nestled close to the Bear Riover watershed, this tiny community is regaining it's culture, language and identity after hundreds of years of colonialism and assimilation. Living in the area for thousands of years, they were among the first people in Canada to have continuous contact with non-natives.

This book preserves the memory of the elders through oral histories and old photographs, and tells who these people are and how they survived, prospered and sustained one another. The stories of everyday life reflect native values and the strong ideal of interconnectedness in the community.

Darlene A. Rocker listened to the stories and learned about the traditions and culture of the closely knit Mi'kmaw community t Bear River. From her interviews with elders and young people, she has drawn this poignant oral history.

215 Page Book
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