"Micmac Dictionary" by Rev. Silas T. Rand, edited by Jeremiah S. Clark

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Mi'kmaw Heritage Dictionaries

The Mi'kmaw language was one of the first indigenous languages spoken in eastern Canadian Maritimes and the mother tongue of the early ancestors of many west and south coast Newfoundlanders.

The original publication and first of its kind, the 'Dictionary of the Language of the Micmac Indians' by Dr. Silas Tertius Rand in 1888, was followed in 1902 by 'Rand's Micmac Dictionary, A Companion Volume to Rand's English-micmac Vocabulary', a posthumous publication by a fellow missionary, Jeremiah S. Clark, based on Dr. Rand's research notes.

These two Mi'kmaw dictionaries, totalling 476 pages, now form the basis of the earliest written linguistic heritage of L'nui'smk / Mi'kmawi'smk, the language of the Mi'kmaw people. Both volumes have been reprinted in a convenient format and made available by Blue Griffin Books of Middleton, NS, with an extensive historic, biographical and linguistic introduction by Russell A. Bragg, B.A., B.Ed., M.A. (Linguistics), a National Marshall McLuhan Fellow, to contribute to the long-awaited revival of Mi'kmaw culture by conserving our earliest recorded look into the mindset of the precolonial indigenous people of Atlantic Canada. 

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