"Mi'kmaq Textiles Twining: Rush and Other Fibres BkCp-1 Site Pictou, Nova Scotia" by Joleen Gordon

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Archaeological site BkCp-1, near Pictou, Nova Scotia, has revealed a great deal of information about the textile skills of the Mi'kmaq people at the turn of the sixteenth century. Securely dates 1570-1590 AD, the site was discovered by accident during 1955-1956 by Kenneth Hopps. 

This report, the third in a trilogy examining the plant textiles found at this site, examines the tined vegetable fibre fragments and possible rush cordage. The BkCp-1 fragments are then described, followed by an analysis of the step by step construction of a twined rush bag, based upon the evidence found in the fragments from this site.

139 page book
Nova Scotia Education and Culture