"My Searching Heart" by Crying Wind

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Crying Wind is back! Now for the first time, read her two best-selling books in one volume. Laugh with Cying Wind. Cry with her. Feel her tension as she encounters problems. Respond to infectious enthusiasm for living and sharing God's love. 

In her first book, Crying Wind, the author shares her troubled beginning as the "accidental offspring of two people who hated each other." "I never saw my father's face, because he abandoned my mother before I was born, and she hated him for it."

At 15, Crying Wind is forced to move to a large city after the death of her grandmother. Friendless and penniless, she attempts suicide. Paging through the yellow pages, she recognizes a church's address. The encouragement and love of the pastor and his wife help Crying Wind to accept herself and appreciate her own worth. 

In My Searching Heart, Crying wind presents a word portrait of the modern Indian psyche. It is a powerful testimony of how God can span time and ancient cultures with His great love.

271 pages