"No Condemnation in Christ Jesus" by Octavius Winslow

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In this book we give you Octavius Winslow's consideration of Romans chapter 8 - No Condemntaion in Christ Jesus. Romans, the letter written by the apostle Paul is an outline of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its purest form. Paul was writing to Christians living in a city that was the centre of the world in those days. It was the seat of government, culture and power. The Church to which Paul wrote had never met the apostle but there can be no doubt they had heard of him and knew of his importance in teaching the Christians of the day. They were young in their faith and needed Paul's teaching to build them up, educate them and give them a message from God to help them in their trying circumstances of living and worshipping in Rome.This extensive consideration of Romans 8 we are treated to a depth of insight rarely encountered. This chapter of the Bible is often quoted by Christians all over the world and it is a chapter of both challenge and encouragement. This book is an exposition displaying the many jewels of this portion of God's Word.Octavius Winsolow (1st August 1808 - 5 March 1878, "The Pilgrim's Companion" was a renowned evangelical preacher in the 19th century. His influence was felt on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. He was a contemporary of both Ryle and Spurgeon and spent most of his calling in the Baptist Church before turning to the Church of England for the last few years of his life.THE EXPANSIVE COMMENTARY COLLECTION is a new release of much loved and oft used commentaries. Each commentary is beautifully formatted with every verse given an uncluttered presentation for ease of reference and use. We have taken great care to provide you with each individual commentary as it was intended and written by the original author.

256 pages
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