Paul and His Christian Mission: Includes Study Guide by Michael Haykin

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The mission of the apostle Paul is central to the New Testament, where it was vital in the establishment of the early church and spreading the gospel throughout the world of his day. This study provides a concise but rich view of Paul the man and Paul the missionary. At his conversion to Christ, Paul was given a clear mandate to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. Many truths were evident as he pursued this mission. Paul loved the church, and he was zealous to win the lost to Christ. He appreciated and cultivated co-labourers in the work of the gospel, as he depended on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Paul's experience challenges the reader. Study guide questions are provided at the end of each chapter to help reflect on and apply the things that are learned in this short, focused study of Paul's life. The apostle modelled for Christians-both then and now-a love for the gospel and its power, a steady and deep love for God's people and a rooted confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit to apply Christ's saving work on the cross to needy sinners. It is hoped that as you learn more about Paul and his Christian mission, you will grow in your own relationship with God and service for him-or perhaps be challenged to seek him for the first time.

74 pages
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