"The Case of the Missing Dinosaur" by Bernard Palmer

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Greg, Hip and old Mrs. Swanstrom settled back in their chairs and waited. Frank's whole future depended on what happened next.

They heard the stealthy, muffled footsteps on the porch.

"Hsst!" whispered Hip.

"What is it? Mrs. Swanstrom mumbled.

"Somebody's out there!"

Greg jumped to his feet and moved to the door. Then his right hand found the switch, flooding the front porch with light. A jeans clad figure jerked back from the mailbox. Leaping off the porch, it dashed into the darkness.

"Did you get any idea who it was?" Hip asked.

Greg shook his head, "He was wearing a ski mask."

"I know." Hip hesitated, then said, "I've seen that mask somewhere. I'm sure I've seen it!"

139 Page Book - fiction
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