"The Preacher's Commentary: 1 & 2 Chronicles (Vol. 10)" by Leslie C. Allen

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Written BY Preachers and Teachers FOR Preachers and Teachers

The Preacher's Commentary offers pastors, teachers, and Bible study leaders clear and compelling insights into the Bible that will equip them to understand, apply, and teach the truth in God's Word.

Each volume is written by one of today's top scholars, and includes:

• Innovative ideas for preaching and teaching God's Word
• Vibrant paragraph-by-paragraph exposition
• Impelling real-life illustrations
• Insightful and relevant contemporary application
• An introduction, which reveals the author's approach
• A full outline of the biblical book being covered
• Scripture passages (using the New King James Version) and explanations

Combining fresh insights with readable exposition and relatable examples, The Preacher's Commentary will help you minister to others and see their lives transformed through the power of God's Word. Whether preacher, teacher, or Bible study leader--if you're a communicator, The Preacher's Commentary will help you share God's Word more effectively with others.

414 pages
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