"The Scripture in Translation: How we Got our English Bible" by Cy Mersereau

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Contrary to popular assumption, the large proliferation of varied English versions of the Bible is not a recent phenomenon; it can be traced back to a much earlier time, long before the King James Version came on the scene. But with so many versions of the Bible available today, how do we determine which one is best for us? Is the argument for only one version in the English language actually valid, and should that one version be the KJV? The Scripture in Translation begins with the account of how the Bible was extracted from ancient languages into English, only to face violent opposition on the shores of England itself. The journey continues with dramatic historical events that impacted Bible translation and publishing-such as the fourteenth-century translator who was taken to court and condemned by the church of the day (decades after his death!)- and finishes by looking at the strengths and weaknesses of the editions available to us today. 

268 page book
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