"The Secret of Contentment" by Matthias Media

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"I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content." (Phil 4:11)

Paul's words are starkly counter-cultural. We live in a society that's constantly encouraging us to improve our situation at every turn-- to seek wealthier wealth, healthier health, and sexier sex. Contentment has almost become a synonym for settling for second-best, as the mantra 'more' becomes all-pervasive.

However, the desire for more is very much the fruit of practical atheism. Christianity, in contrast, gives rise to true contentment because Christians already possess the most precious thing in the universe. Furthermore, having been blessed by God with such spiritual riches in Christ frees us to be generous to others with what He has given us. 

This MiniZine will help you discover (or rediscover!) the secret of contentment, and will challenge you to a more radical way of living as you serve the Lord Jesus and the people around you.

20 page magazine
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