"Thunder in Our Hearts; Lightning in Our Veins" by Crying Wind

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"Thunder in Our Hearts Lightning in Our Veins" Crying Wind's 4th Book From the back of her book... There are moments... Do you ever wish for a time when, for a brief moment, you feel like you could conquer the world? A time when you know you have done your best and reached beyond your wildest dreams? These moments are rare but they are still available. These are the moments when we become champions, heroes, and giants. These are the moments when we change someone's life. If this is what you wish for, then grab yourself a cup of coffee, a warm blanket, and curl up in a chair with this book. Get ready for an exciting adventure with a master storyteller. Once again Crying Wind writes an amazing collection of stories written with simple honesty, yet funny, happy and sometimes sad. She'll leave you laughing one moment, crying the next. These are the moments when there's thunder in our hearts- lightning in our veins!! Crying Wind, an author and artist, is perhaps best known for her bestselling books "Crying Wind" and "My Searching Heart", as well as a third book, "When the Stars Danced." A mother and grandmother, she now makes her home in Washington State.

138 pages
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