VeggieTales: Sherluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler (DVD)

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Friendship and how to treat others is the theme in this side-splitting VeggieTales episode! In the title story, Sheerluck Holmes (Larry) and Dr. Watson (Bob) can solve any crime. Their latest case: Someone has stolen the most valuable treasure in Buckingham Palace--the Golden Ruler! But when Sheerluck takes all the credit for the pair's sleuthing savvy, he risks dissolving the perfect partnership, and the Golden Ruler could be lost forever. Will Sheerluck remember to treat others like he wants to be treated in time to save the artifact--and his friendship?
You'll also enjoy the story, "The Asparagus of La Mancha." Don Quixote (Archibald Asparagus) is the owner of a prosperous little Cafe called La Mancha. His good friend Poncho (Mr. Lunt) works with him, but when a big, popular chain restaurant moves in across the street, their little cafe hits hard times. But Poncho sticks by Don, who learns that true friends do what's best for each other, no matter how difficult that may be. And, in true silly style, Larry sings a silly song about gated communities.

Bonus Features:

Behind the Scenes
Sheerluck and the Super-Sleuth
Studio Commentary
Bob and Larry's Playhouse
Veggie Commentary
Art Gallery with Commentary
Video Trivia
Sing Along
Interactive Storybook
Sheerluck's Mystery
Adventure Game
Watson's Family Activity
Bean Dip of LaMancha
How to Draw
Easter Eggs
Computer DVD Features
English and Spanish Subtitles
5.1 Surround Sound
Closed Captioned