"Port-Royal Habitation: The Story of the French and Mi'kmaq at Port-Royal" by W.P. Kerr

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2005 marked the 400th anniversary of the establishment in Acadie of the Port-Royal Habitation by the French. Accompanied by a diverse range of historic and present-day visuals, this history of Port-Royal focuses on daily life at the Habitation from 1605-1613, as well as on undertones of social, political, and religious intrigue. Most importantly, this volume also reflects on the broader history of European colonization and interactions with the First Nation's Peoples, particularly the Mi'kmaq, as it was at the Habitation that the centuries-long Mi'kmaq-French friendship and alliance truly began. Thought-provoking and carefully researched, this look at an important aspect of our past is presented in an attractive layout, guaranteed to please any history buff, as well as any reader hoping to learn more about this significant turning-point in Canadian history.

106 Page Book
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