"Planting Missional Churches: Planting a Church That's Biblically Sound and Reaching People in Culture" by Ed Stetzer

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Missional: a point-blank term that emphasizes the approach rather than the population. When it comes to church planting, missional implies taking the methods of a missionary—being indigenous to the culture, seeking to understand and learn, adapting to the mission field—but planting the biblical form of a church.

In Planting Missional Churches (now updated and expanded from its first edition, entitled Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age), Stetzer offers the watershed instruction book for planting biblically faithful and culturally relevant churches.

The how-to and why issues of church planting are here, providing practical guidance through all the phases of a church plant while also taking a mission-minded look at existing and emerging cultures

372 Pages
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