"Redeeming Culture: The Other Side of the Coin" by Velma D. White

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Over the years I have seen more and more openness to Native people in almost every field of work and now in the Church at large. Objectives are being looked into as to how to reach the Native population with the Gospel of Christ. One of those objectives is the attempt to "redeem Native culture" by welcoming the traditions of Native people within our churches. Although not all churches embrace this idea, it seems today that more and more are beginning to accept it. By the same token, many Native ministries are deeply concerned when they see the white churches embrace the traditions of Native culture. Redeeming Culture - The Other Side of the Coin, is a book that addresses this issue and looks to answer the questions that many have regarding the redemption of Native culture through Christianity. This book is the result of my own spiritual journey and my heartfelt desire to communicate what I believe the Bible teaches about redemption and culture. It is my prayer that this book will also help you

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